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Killstrom: Passages of Gore online play testing notice filed by Neil Mackey.

We're pleased to announce that R&D has completed focus group play testing of GenFlux's online adventure game, “Killstrom: Passages of Gore”.

I'll be referring to the game simply as “Killstrom”.

A secure Killstrom server was set up within the Data Center, and our focus group was placed in a room with cutting edge computers and access to said server through the game. Play testing was conducted for two hours, with a break and brief Q&A session at the midway point.

The group was broken into male and female subgroups, which were in turn seperated into even groups of those who had played Killstrom in the past, and those who hadn't.

Male player in both player and non-playery sections had an overall favorable view of the game, noting the impressive use of spatter physics and advanced crafting systems. Female players, while overwhelmingly positive in relation to graphics, mechanics, and gameplay, felt the game fell flat in terms of female representation.

Apparently, most found the ability to adjust breast/posterior size unnecessary and would have preferred control over their avatar's general build as per male character selection.

The most sought-after body types for female players seemed to be “Brawler” and “Just Normal”. Multiple female subjects requested to play male characters, which was denied due to the need for full creation testing of both gender models.

Moving on, players unanimously enjoyed simulated combat, especially “boss battles”. The character of “Sludgehammer” became the crux of a particularly interesting team effort. Weapon, armor, and item usage worked as intended, as well.

Another quibble, however, was that players agreed farming, harvesting, mining, and so forth seemed like needless excercises designed to keep them “grinding” mindlessly while paying the monthly online fee. We may have to rethink this approach, since as I understand it they easily saw through to the intent.

All in all, a positive outcome with a few points to mull over.

Visitor Comments

So when Killstrom: Oceans of Bile came out, people complained there were no female characters. Now they want to play as the guys anyway?

Sounds like a lot of time and money down the tubes trying to please everyone.

Too bad I didn't hear about this sooner, I've been wanting to get a look at K:PoG and I could have lent even more ideas on the subject during the Q&A. Sludgehammer looks so gross in the promotional stuff, I can't wait to kill him.

By the way, I wouldn't worry about the grinding. Back in college I played the original Killstrom and that was my favorite part. You can just turn off your brain and click hours away.

On that note, one of the testers seemed to know you worked for Faceless. Katie Feldman. I wondered if you could clarify so there aren't any conflicts that could possibly undermine our results.

Oh, wow. If she was there then I know what you mean about the complaints! No worries, Neil. I got away from that as fast as I could.

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