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Oui Oui Perfume results request filed by Leslie Chambers.

Neil, I am aware that it wasn't your assignment but do you know where the focus group results are for Oui Oui Perfume? I know there were some kinks in the pheromone additives and Kurt mentioned that there might be some unexpected effects. He seemed optimistic, however, so I have been anticipating his report.

If you can check in on Kurt and ask where the results are, I would much appreciate it.

Visitor Comments

I tried to do just that a few hours ago when Kurt didn't appear for lunch. The door was locked and the entire focus goup shouted for me to “go away”, as did Kurt himself. I knocked again perhaps fifteen minutes later and was met with much the same response.

Apparently Kurt and the subjects are involved in some sort of rigorous testing I've not been informed of.

Shall I keep trying?

Thank you, but I suppose we'll have to wait.

Testing took a little longer than expected but the results were very, very positive. Everyone walked away happy.

I have to say this experience has really changed the way I look at everything. Science, my research, life itself. You should loosen up, Leslie. Bring down the bun once in a while. ;)

Kurt, please deliver the focus group data to marketing and catch up on the rest of your projects.

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