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Poppo Dark Taste Testing notice filed by Neil Mackey.

The Poppo Dark taste test went very well last weekend. We've made a lot of progress in ironing out the kinks and our next batch should be even better than the current one at market. We're all very excited about these results, and the future of Poppo in general.

Now on to the results!

This time around, we had far fewer complaints of burning sensations from the interns we selected. There was no evidence of chemical scalding, which is a much welcomed change as you might imagine!

All of our subjects could easily discern the difference between Poppo Dark and normal Poppo-Cola based on taste alone. Furthermore, competing brands were almost unanimously said to taste like “garbage” and/or “toilet water” when sampled after Poppo Dark.

The flavor-changing properties appear to be in full effect, and during this test we found no subjects who were immune. Male testers mostly described the various flavor changes as “sharp” and “exciting” while Females primarily referred to them as “smooth” and “sweet”.

One woman even burst into tears, saying Poppo Dark reminded her that “Life is short and I've done so little to enjoy it.” I'm sure that can only mean it's working as intended.

I'm happy to say that I think we've finally nailed the mixture.

We'll be watching the interns over the course of this week to see if we've successfully worked out that issue with deterioration of the tongue. They also really appreciated the prizes for guessing the soda brands correctly.

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