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Item: “Mr. Shy”

Designation: Test Subject (Discontinued)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 1


Cluster of assorted body parts from several unknown persons drawn together around what scans have shown to be a metallic orb. Mass mostly covered by white sheet, thankfully, though organs and entrails dangle below hem of cloth.

Subject moves on its extended guts like sparse tentacles, though they show no use other than movement. By extending, they give Mr. Shy's “body” the appearance of hovering. Subject shows no signs of purposeful movement, but will randomly wander. The only exception to this behavior is if someone suffers an injury in the vicinity of Mr. Shy, at which point it will approach and seemingly attempt to “add” the wounded body part to itself. We have not witnessed a successful attempt. Also appears to recoil from light.

It does not appear to decay.

Reason for storage: Unknown, but most likely obvious uselessness.

Final Order: Permanent Closed Storage.

Further Notes: It bleeds, so we've sealed its container. Mostly with duct tape. You will also see an odd expense listed concerning air fresheners. Let me know if there's an issue with that.

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