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Item: Betsy Breaks-A-Lot

Designation: Product (Recalled)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 10,000+


Baby doll with brushable hair and eyes that open and close depending on body position. Wade variety of skin tones and hair colors. Each doll comes with a removable outfit, plastic brush, plastic snap-on cast, roll of “play gauze”, and splint.

Notable packaging text – “Break the baby! Then fix her up! No one will ever know!”

When shaken, the doll cries and plays several bone-cracking sounds. The doll will then cry until the medical accessories are applied, at which point sensors cause the sound to cease. After proper application of the accessories, doll coos and giggles.

Reason for storage: Children applied “Shake-N-Break” play style to younger siblings in alarming numbers.

Final Order: Temporary Storage

Further Notes: Wow.

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