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 +**Item:** Betsy Breaks-A-Lot
 +**Designation:​** Product (Recalled)
 +**Storage Contact:** [[/​employees/​oscar_blonk|Oscar Blonk]]
 +**Number in Storage:** 10,000+
 +Baby doll with brushable hair and eyes that open and close depending on body position. Wade variety of skin tones and hair colors. Each doll comes with a removable outfit, plastic brush, plastic snap-on cast, roll of "play gauze",​ and splint.
 +Notable packaging text -- "Break the baby! Then fix her up! No one will ever know!"
 +When shaken, the doll cries and plays several bone-cracking sounds. The doll will then cry until the medical accessories are applied, at which point sensors cause the sound to cease. After proper application of the accessories,​ doll coos and giggles.
 +**Reason for storage:** Children applied "​Shake-N-Break"​ play style to younger siblings in alarming numbers.
 +**Final Order:** Temporary Storage
 +**Further Notes:** Wow.
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