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Item: Jiggle Jellies

Designation: Protoype (Terminated)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 10


Jellyfish-like creatures with nearly spherical “heads” and a varying number of fine tendrils. “Jellies” display complex, shifting waves of color with no known repeating pattern. This behavior seems to serve no purpose and appears to have been bred or engineered for human entertainment. (Currently awaiting confirmation from BioDev.)

Each creature grows to roughly the size of an orange. (Standard, not the Faceless Co “Uber Orange” currently in development.)

Size would have allowed for creatures to be stored in sealed cubes of water, at which point they would be sold as short-lived “pets”. Marketing tag line was to be: “A wriggling rainbow in your palm!”

Reason for storage:

Mesmerizing properties of the Jellies proved to be unpredictable. Both human and animal test subjects exposed to these creatures for periods of an hour or more could not bring themselves to look away, and became profoundly nauseated when forced to stop viewing them. Instances of regurgitation stated to be at or near 100% among test groups.

25% of human subjects reported seeing “a new color” in the creature's display, and became irate when they could not replicate or even describe it. Similarly, a handful of subjects stated they saw “a face” and described it as both “beautiful” and “horrifying” at the same time.

Final Order: Permanent Closed Storage

Further Notes: Belinda is doing all of the feeding and tank maintenance right now since she's colorblind. Not sure what we're going to do with these if she finds other employment. Are there any similarly afflicted interns you could send down?

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