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Item: “Bubbs” Bubblegum Flavored Soda

Designation: Product (Recalled)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: Several Thousand Cases (Tally Pending)


Bubbs soda comes in a pink and blue aluminum pull-tab can decorated with pink “bubble” icons and the Bubbs logo. Cases containing various amounts of Bubbs cans display same decoration on packaging surfaces. Cans contain pink carbonated liquid. Produced by Poppo soda.

Contents, when consumed, fizz like an average soda beverage and will remain liquid if immediately swallowed. If held in the mouth for five seconds, however, the liquid congeals into chewable, fully flavored bubblegum. Bubbles may be blown with the resulting material.

Reason for storage: Recalled due to several alleged choking deaths. Possible legal action pending.

Final Order: On Hold. (Pending legal claims)

Further Notes: A few cases fell off the fork lift and exploded. Very hard to clean up once it's hardened. Expect the final number of stored items to reflect this loss.

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