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Item: Dreambook helmet

Designation: Product (Recalled)

Storage Contact: Daisy Blemish

Number in Storage: 10

Description: Used for experimentation in using dreams as a social networking tool. Manipulated brainwaves to induce specific dreams based on the actions of another using the helmet. Objective was a calm environment that would allow for productive action even during sleep. It was found that at points subjects could use the system to induce other images into their conversations through use of the machine duplication properties needed for conversation.

Reason for storage: Project was put on hold after a test subject managed to induce a ravenous wildebeest into another persons dream. Subject was inconvenienced to a high degree. Expected long term damage put the project in danger. Minor disputes about the ethics of dream manipulation followed but were quickly dismissed and finally the project was subjected to long term storage after an employee used the system to induce fear of donuts into a senior executive and a Janitor was forced to believe he was in labour for 12 hours straight.

Final Order: Temporary storage, Only released for further research and improvement till project is reimbursed

Further Notes: Not to be used for sleep pranks.

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