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 +**Item:** "​Zero-G"​ Biscuits
 +**Designation:​** Prototype (Hiatus)
 +**Storage Contact:** [[/​employees/​darla_thorn|Darla Thorn]]
 +**Number in Storage:** 145
 +Kept in a large metal storage drum (under normal conditions),​ "​Zero-Gs"​ are baked, flaky flour biscuits that levitate of their own volition. They are not fixed in place, and if propelled by physical force, will carry on a trajectory path through the air indefinitely until another force or object stops the biscuit, behaving as if it were in a zero-gravity environment.
 +**Reason for storage:**
 +Initially developed as a zero-calorie product, tests found that though the product was remarkably robust and ignored the laws of gravity, it kept its same calorie content. Project shelved, though the biscuits could prove useful in other avenues of R&D.
 +**Final Order:** On Hold
 +**Further Notes:** I've seen a few of these things floating around the warehouse where they'​re kept, just kind of orbiting lazily around certain areas - a few must have slipped out of the case, or maybe someone just thought biscuits sounded tasty and lost their grip on them before they could get a bite. I've yet to try one, but I bet they'​re stale anyway. I have taken to wearing a helmet in that warehouse just in case they are.
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