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Item: “Forever Fascinating” Trivia Card Game

Designation: Product (Recalled)

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: Unknown


Note: Due to the highly unusual nature of this product, many specific details are unknown or speculated

Each “Forever Fascinating” product contains a deck of high-gloss plastic cards, assumed to be contain between 20-to-100 hundred cards, and a paper rules insert. The cards pose a number of multiple-choice trivia questions, with topics ranging from biology facts to pop-culture references. Answers are thought to be printed printed upside-down on the bottom left or right corner of the card.

The game can be played for whatever measure of time suits the players, and can have any number of players. When the game ends and the cards are put away, however, any and all questions and answers posed by the cards are quickly forgotten by anyone who had witnessed the game, ensuring that the product never gets old or is deemed boring; early slogans for the product claimed it was “A forgettable game with unforgettable fun! Enjoy a fresh experience every time!”

Reason for storage:

Recalled after unexpected bouts of heightened amnesia among buyers - claims of forgetting friends and loved ones' names, gaps in memory, and key elementary skills lost.

Final Order: Temporary Storage (indefinite hiatus)

Further Notes: I don't think anyone's ever going to touch this one again. I think most of the company's already forgotten about it… I'm not even sure where we store these things anymore!

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