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Item: Dr. Blott's Used Notebooks

Designation: Supplies (Used)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 99


Standard composition notebooks with lined paper. Each cover has been marked with the name “Dr. Blott” and a number presumably corresponding with the order in which the books were used. Most contain the expected notes related to Blott's work. However, from book #13 onward, the contents become meaningless phrases and gibberish, especially concerning the concept of imagination.

Book numbers also become unusual from 13 onward. For example, what is thought to be book #14 is titled “N”, and books that most likely fit somewhere between 25 and 32 are marked with detailed pen sketches of subterranean insects or larvae which start life underground.

Book #99 is either incorrectly labeled as #100, or there is a book missing.

Reason for storage: Dr. Blott has not returned to work for over three months, and cannot be located. Notes are thought to be “encrypted” and cannot be effectively used by others.

Final Order: On Hold. (Pending location of employee.)

Further Notes: We don't have to read these, correct? Are we even cleared to read these?

Visitor Comments

Blott is a good friend. I wonder if you might elaborate on the “imagination” aspect. I've never known him to be given to flights of whimsy. If you have the time, it might shed some light on his current situation.

Okay, well… this is from the Cicada book.

Imagine if the world stopped spinning and we didn't notice. Imagine if all of the whales died in one night. Imagine looking through a window and seeing the room you're in. Imagine a hand in the corner. Imagine developing soul cancer. Imagine reaching for the doorknob and finding a hairy hoof. Imagine a transparent bag of organs. Imagine if nothing was real. Imagine if everything was real. Imagine if all of the air around you turned to wood. Imagine falling from a great height. Imagine opening a newspaper and finding a television show. Imagine taking a boat ride up a waterfall. Imagine dealing five Aces. Imagine electrocuting yourself by mistake. Imagine a car moving without anyone inside. Imagine dead leaves clogging your throat. Imagine the sink backing up. Imagine the Devil. Imagine if you were born inside-out. Imagine if women were all men and no one told you. Imagine buying outdated milk. Imagine selling your child. Imagine striking God. Imagine a dog barking inside your furnace. Imagine outliving your usefulness. Imagine believing something that isn't true. Imagine the smell of someone's breath as they scream. Imagine cradling your own head like an infant.

That's about the way it goes page after page.

If you have any further questions, Neil, you may refer them to me personally and I will go out of my way to answer them. Oscar, we'd appreciate it very much if you in fact did not read the materials. Strictly from the standpoint of keeping things tidy.

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