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Item: “Hip-Hop the Toad” Animatronic Heads

Designation: Installation (Discontinued)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 12


Anthropomorphic toad creature comprised of mostly green fabric and wire-frame mesh. Head only. Red backward cap, “gold” teeth, empty eye sockets, no endoskeleton. Hollow. Endoskeleton remains on premises along with toad hands and feet which are to be dyed colors befitting the new character. Due to this re-purposing, heads are not stored with other Hip-Hop Toad character pieces and should be considered “complete”.

Interior of some character heads appear to have hair-thin, severed wires weaving throughout the shape-giving mesh, though these wires seem to serve no real purpose and connect directly with said mesh.

Reason for storage:

Character retired from all “Woody Chuck's Pizza Emporium” locations, to be replaced with Dubstork.

Final Order: Temporary storage.

Further Notes: It would be interesting to know what you plan to do with twelve giant toad heads. We've stored the crate as far back as we can due to the temptation for some employees to wear the items and act out borderline-offensive “urban” scenarios.

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