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Item: Incidental Music

Designation: Prototype (Anomalous)

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: 3 (+1 under active testing)


An area of effect wherein living subjects hear personalized musical scores. Musical style, mood, tempo and instrumentation conform to the individual's subconscious emotional, physical and mental state as well as musical preferences, creating a unique score tailored to the individual; it likewise shifts and alters based on any changes of said status, depending on the circumstances. Leaving the area of effect causes the music to reach a logical finale before going silent.

Generated in a combined R&D project between the Ritual Department and Entertainment Division. Prototype fields currently active within Warehouses D-94 and F-30, Sub-basement C, and the employee break room of Grierson Facility.

Reason for storage:

Generated music, while intended to only be heard by the individual on a low-band frequency, currently emanates audibly from individuals, allowing anyone within reasonable distance to hear. Two or more people in the same space find their musical scores attempting to haphazardly “compliment” each other while still trying to hold to the individual's state; results are often unpleasant to hear. Further testing needed to make intended results.

Also, no proper test results on animal and plant subjects have been created.

Final Order: On Hold

Further Notes: I've always enjoyed checking out the effects of the music, it can really tell you a lot about a person. The stories coming out of the Grierson break room could make a genuine sitcom thanks to it, like the two interns that heard the others romantic saxophone solo when their eyes met. Priceless!

Of course it really is an individual thing though, and sometimes I wonder if the music might have a precognitive function: one time, Scary Harry got loose in the sub basement and chased a couple of employees around. I happened to be in the observation vault at the time, and while Carrie had Scooby Doo-esque chase music going, Mike's sounded like a horror film score. Guess which one Harry caught.

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