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 +**Item:** Room 247 (formerly of Atmunson Facility)
 +**Designation:​** On-Site Location (Removed to Storage)
 +**Storage Contact:** [[/​employees/​darla_thorn|Darla Thorn]]
 +**Number in Storage:** 1
 +Room 247 is a 15x20 ft. space originally intended as a conference or meeting room, containing four (4) insulated walls, a ceiling with three (3) built in light fixtures, a carpeted floor, and a door. Settings for installation of an overhead projector were included, though no projector currently resides in Room 247.
 +**Reason for storage:**
 +Within the confines of the room, the effects of light (or lack thereof) exhibit unusual and inexplicable reversal - the more light sources brought into the room, the darker it gets; similarly, the room becomes brighter the fewer or weaker the light sources are, to the point where staring into the room when it should be "pitch dark" can blind the human eye.
 +Room dismantled carefully after Special Security deemed the space unfit for employee use. None of the walls, floor or ceiling materials exhibit these light-reversal properties on their own, and behave as laws pf physics intended. Reconstructing the room elsewhere results in the effect taking place almost immediately. Room has since been installed permanently in Storage Sector C-08.
 +**Final Order:** Permanent Closed Storage
 +**Further Notes:** Really got to make better signage for this; a few people have walked in thinking it was a janitor'​s closet and have been blinded by the light.
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