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Item: “Seren-Aid” Self-Playing Cello

Designation: Product (Recalled)

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: 600


Instrument is a standard four-string cello or stand-up bass, depending on how it is played. Each comes with a horsehair bow and instruction manual. When bowed or plucked, the strings produce a rich, warm tone that resonates in the hollow wood body of the cello; however, no matter the skill of the player, the cello will always play the notes of a corresponding song, intended to react to whatever melody is on the forefront of the player's consciousness. Thus, playing a song well is then meant to be a matter of timing rather than musical aptitude with the instrument.

When in close proximity, cellos may interact and form harmonies and compliments, allowing for custom groups.

Bow also designed to be attached to a Seren-Aid Metronome (sold separately). When placed near enough, the metronome will cause the bow to slide across the cello's strings, and the cello will respond with its own music.

Reason for storage:

Product pulled when it became apparent that initial cellos did not function properly, each note in sequence forming the song “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie in an endless loop. Attempts at musical variation have failed, with the same note instead being rendered by players as either slow, fast, or “jazzy” versions of “Tomorrow.”

Final Order: Temporary Storage.

Further Notes: Sometimes it's fun to set up a few of the cellos and get a band going, even if the only song that can be played is a mediocre song from a mediocre musical. They still respond to each other with harmonies, and you might be surprised at how versatile the same song can be when you've heard cellos playing it Baroque or Swing.

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