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Item: “Mysterious Mose”

Designation: Unknown

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: 1(?)


“Mose” is the name given to a non-corporeal Entity that regularly inhabits Storage Subsectors G-30 through G-44, seemingly of its own volition. Activity is marked by loud, startling noises - usually a high-pitched “wolf-whistle” - with no obvious source. Other signs have included misplacement of objects, cold spots, and a strong odor akin to fresh rainfall.

“Mose” seems to operate on a pattern that is based around the time of year, with a marked increase of activity in the month of October. Beginning on the 1st, the frequency of signs noted above slowly escalates, and the Entity begins to manifest in some visual ways as well, generally as vague shadows or indiscernible shapes viewed in peripheral vision. “Mose” continues making its presence known with increasingly bizarre and more obvious signs until the 31st, at which point the Entity itself has been known to completely manifest; those that have seen it describe the perceived visitation as a human male of indeterminate race, dressed in a dirty frock coat and battered top hat and looking “like a sort of goofy tramp.” The manifestation can be spotted with common frequency throughout the day and night, though has been known to vanish again at exactly 23:59 on the evening of the 31st. Activity decreases to a predicted low-level following this.

Of note: the Entity seems particularly drawn to women, as 70% of recorded activity seems to be concentrated on female staff.

Reason for storage:

Numerous attempts have been made to study and specify the nature, pattern and reason behind the Entity, with no concrete results. “Mose” has not been seen anywhere else in the facility, and primary hypothesis on the matter has failed to explain why this Entity remains only in the vicinity of the Storage Subsector. As such, it is only considered “stored” because of technicality.

Final Order: Permanent Closed Storage

Further Notes: The report's not kidding about the wolf whistles. He seems to like to do that to all female staff that pass through the G-Blocks, myself included. Honestly, he can be prankish and kind of rude, but he's never hurt anyone as far as I can say. Either way, he's been here since the 30s, and no one's yet to say that old Mose hurt them. He's good at making people jump, though.

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