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Item: “Get Well” Balloon

Designation: Acquisition

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 1


Standard decorative Mylar balloon (circular) emblazoned with the phrase “Get Well!” in festive font. Floats freely as one would expect a helium-filled balloon to do. Item is attached to a lengthy, thin pink ribbon which can be held or tied to a stationary object.

Item has retained its buoyancy much longer than anticipated and floats as high as one would expect of a newly filled balloon.

Acquired for Helga Bloom's fundraising party following an incident related to Operation Whitewash.

Reason for storage:

Balloon appears to cause advanced necrosis in human subjects who hold onto its “string”. This begins in the fingertips of the hand holding onto the item. Within moments, the entire hand becomes both necrotized and rigid, making removal of the balloon impossible without amputation.

If left untreated, it is assumed the necrotic effects may spread to the entire body. However, such effects have only been witnessed traveling to the shoulder before measures were taken to remove the affected limb.

It should be noted that while full terminal effects have not been witnessed in real time, the balloon's original owner was been described as “a pile of matter with one hand jutting out” when the item was first discovered to be anomalous.

Final Order: Permanent Closed Storage

Further Notes: It's up in the rafters and we're not sure how/if we want to retrieve it.

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