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Item: Dr. Strongarm's All-In-One Nutrition Tablets

Designation: Prototype (Terminated)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 487 tablets.


White plastic bottles with child-proof cap and label displaying name of product. Bottles contain large, orange tablets with “STRONGARM” etched into surface.

Pills contain an entire day's worth of nutrition including an undisclosed agent that somehow effectively simulates natural hydration. According to test packaging, the average person (male or female) would be able to survive on tablets alone for the normal duration of human life.

Reason for storage: Deemed harmful to Faceless Corporation food and drink interests.

Final Order: Temporary Storage

Further Notes: Keeping them under strict lock and key since they pose a tremendous risk for theft and/or corporate espionage. Here's an idea: If we give them to live storage items, we could get rid of them and cut feeding costs.

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