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Item: Black Photographs

Designation: Supplies (Used)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 12


Photographs printed on standard glossy stock, captured by an unknown employee using unknown equipment and methods. It's presumed that this employee works in the Ritual Department. Photos appear to be completely black, but have been said by some to show “visions of nightmare beings”.

Reason for storage:

Some viewers of these photographs occasionally report feelings of unease, as well as a strong desire to show them to others. The term “can't unsee” seems to be used repeatedly by Faceless Co. employees and test groups who seem affected by the images.

Items repeatedly removed without authorization and handed out to unknowing recipients in various ways. Includes an incident in the late 1980s when photos appeared in Creative Department and were mistaken for mini-figure designs.

Final Order: Destruction.

Further Notes: Planning to just burn them in a bucket out back, but management keeps placing open-ended holds on the destruction order. I'm guessing they've seen the pictures? Won't let anyone down here look, just to be safe.

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