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Item: “Pouncing Bat” Ride Prop

Designation: Installation (Template)

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: 1


A large steel and fiberglass framework, covered in plastic and paint to look like a bat-like monster. Two hinged “wings” and an air-powered lever are attached the back of the prop. When installed with pneumatic power, a trigger can cause the prop to lurch forward and up suddenly and spread its wings with a puff of air.

Records provided by SPIDR designate this prop as a “Bill Tracy original;” though it is unclear where this particular prop was installed, several similar stunts were used in many Tracy-designed dark rides (see image below).

Reason for storage:

Prop kept in storage per request from the SPIDR Archives. Possible design template for future Faceless entertainment-based projects.

Final Order: Temporary Storage

Further Notes: Mr. Trimper was very insistent that the bat be kept out of a box and put on display. I'm not sure why, but it's spooking some of janitorial staff when some prankster or another uses it as a puppet and springs it out from behind a crate or something.


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