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Item: Auditor 88

Designation: Auditor

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: 1


Auditor 88 appears as any other Auditor would, with no distinguishing differences noted apart from expected wear and tear of use. Auditor 88 remains stored in Storage Subsector R3-D4C73D and shall be under constant audio-visual supervision until its destruction.

Reason for Storage:

Auditor 88, despite procedural conditioning and no apparent tampering, circumvented security measures and allowed incident reports to reach outside sources via the internet, while similarly failing spectacularly to report incidents involving Faceless information breaches - chiefly the oversight that allowed public access to Faceless Co. online archives. Whether or not this was an intentional measure of sabotage or merely a malfunction still remains to be seen, though it is understood that Auditor 88 continued unnoticed and unimpeded in these activities for several months.

Of note, leaked video and audio logs obtained and released by Auditor 88 have a noticeably poor quality to them, filled with artificial distortions and/or obviously edited-in anomalies, despite the files themselves not bearing such artifacts. Attempts to recreate Auditor 88's uploading conditions in controlled environments have so far not produced these effects.

Special Security eventually discovered the source of the breaches and had Auditor 88 cut off from any and all outside sources (see event report for further details) and set for immediate destruction. Despite these measures, leaked video and audio documentation bearing Auditor 88's “trademark” continues to appear online. Destruction has been postponed until it can be determined whether or not Auditor 88 is the source, and if so, how it is able to continue relinquishing information.

Final Order: Destruction

Further Notes: There's a lot of rumors floating around about 88, like it being autonomous with an attention-seeking streak, or a plant from The Dummy Corporation, etc. I'm leaning more toward the former, since 88 seems to add all those spooky video glitches to make things seem edgier. Directly asking 88 about it only produces one answer: “for draffect.” What the heck is draffect??

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