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Item: “Scary Harry” (No Actual Title Given)

Designation: Test Subject (Terminated)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 1


Ape-like humanoid body with mechanical “head” resembling a riveted steel hexagon. Both “head” and body covered in grime and presumed unwashable. Subject does not appear to eat, drink, or sleep, and seems to prefer spending its time squatting and rocking slowly on its feet.

Subject becomes agitated when electrical devices of any sort are used in its general area. When in this manic state, mechanical “head” produces a grinding, whining metal sound and subject becomes incredibly violent.

Reason for storage: Threat to safety, no known commercial viability.

Final Order: Permanent Closed Storage.

Further Notes: It may be overstepping our boundaries, but nonetheless popular opinion down here is that Faceless should stop producing things like this. We lost three good employees during storage simply because someone's pager went off.

Visitor Comments

Ah, Harold. A name as good as any, I suppose. As for your suggestion - duly noted, Mr. Blonk.

However, these things are often unavoidable during the creative process. I'm sure you will forgive the subject for its behavior and that your associates will keep it well while it persists in living. However long that may be.

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