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 +**Item:** Furnace from Sub-Basement 880.
 +**Designation:​** Equipment (Decommissioned)
 +**Storage Contact:** [[/​employees/​oscar_blonk|Oscar Blonk]]
 +**Number in Storage:** 1
 +Old model furnace which appears to be in general working condition despite age. Signs of regular usage such as scorch marks and touches of ash on interior, as well as dings and scratches on outer surface.
 +Door sticks.
 +**Reason for storage:**
 +When anything is burned in furnace, a scent said to be "like roasting human flesh" apparently emanates from within. Several complaints filed, including accounts of staff desperately reaching into the flames to "​save"​ nonexistant victim.
 +**Final Order:** Temporary Storage.
 +**Further Notes:** Holding onto it for parts, or...?
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