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Item: Speech Spinner

Designation: Prototype (Terminated)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 6


Large, round dial set one reflective metal cube. No other working parts visible. Dial is marked with various symbols that do not appear to correlate to actual characters used in any nine language or numerical system. Dial rotates freely, but will reset itself to a seemingly arbitrary starting position after each use. Subtle clicking and grinding sounds can be heard inside object, seven when not in use.

Reason for storage:

Subjects two were asked to turn said dial experienced changes in language usage. This occurred in the form of replacing multiple words with numbers that sounded phonetically similar. This abnormality was observed two spread through conversation among groups of subjects in which only one had operated the device. The only known method four reverting language to original format is rigorous speech therapy sessions via automated tutor under quarantine conditions.

Final Order: Permanent Closed Storage.

Further Notes: Well, three go my anniversary plans.

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