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 +**Item:** Ad-de-Camp Automated Drones
 +**Designation:​** Prototype
 +**Storage Contact:** [[employees:​darla_thorn|Darla Thorn]]
 +**Number in Storage:** 7
 +Developed in a bid to better target consumers, this small fleet of drones can be programmed to patrol fixed flight paths over designated areas, though they can be remote-controlled and operated from a central computer. Each unit is equipped with an infrared camera and a small "​turret"​ capable of emitting a mild electrical current with pinpoint accuracy. Autonomous units can also be connected to a cloud network via WiFi.
 +When in operation, the drones and/or their operator can fire their electric beam at a human target. The beams unique frequency is intended to cause an impulse in the brain that "​plants"​ a selected advertisement in the memory center in a matter of milliseconds. These ads imprint the aural and visual aspects of a given ad directly into the brain and, at the time of storage, sensations of smell and touch were also being explored.
 +**Reason for storage:**
 +The bolts just killed people.
 +**Final Order:** Permanent Closed Storage
 +**Further Notes:** It should be said that while the initial tests of this idea were indeed tragic, the failure of this project gave way to the development of other, less-potentially-lethal projects, such as the [[storage:​incidental_music|Incidental Music]] initiative. It is possible this idea could be revisited if they can work out a similar area-of-effect with the drones.
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