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Item: The Whatwalker

Designation: Prototype (Terminated)

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 1


The “Whatwalker” is a tripodal item of unknown type. Surface is a pale green with black mottling. A single sphere of what appears to be mother-of-pearl sits on a fleshy cushion at the uppermost point of the “limbs”. Each “limb” ends in a self-adhesive two-pronged “foot”.

Item is ambulatory and appears to be self-motivated. It seems to detect conversations between two or more human subjects, and will approach said speakers quickly and silently. Immediately upon reaching the area of conversation, the item will sharply demand “WHAT?” in an off-putting, shrill voice.

No other activity has been observed.

No power source has been located at the time of this report.

Reason for storage: No known use.

Final Order: Permanent closed storage.

Further Notes: We're keeping it in a cat crate. Please let us know if Dr. Malignus plans to produce anything similar in the future… and if so, why.

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