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Item: Test Tubes full of Yellow Substance

Designation: Not Provided.

Storage Contact: Oscar Blonk

Number in Storage: 48


Average test tubes standard for Faceless Co. usage, filled with a yellow liquid substance. Most test tubes contain one to ten nearly microscopic specimens that resemble embryos when examined under microscope. Some, however, appear to contain none. Specimens appear to be yellow in color, though this of course may be affected by their surroundings.

Specimens suspended in yellow substance move freely within the test tubes and will occasionally cannibalize each other, resulting in the consuming specimen roughly doubling in size. When this occurs, the consuming specimen then seems to be avoided by all other specimens residing in the same or neighboring tubes.

Tubes are numbered 1 through 47, with one tube sporting a question mark. The aforementioned single tube contains the largest lone specimen.

Reason for storage: Not Provided.

Final Order: Destruction.

Further Notes: It would be nice to know something about this. All we've heard so far is that we're not allowed to use fire or any method of disposal that would otherwise give off heat. It will be a bit tough to make sure the objects are fully destroyed without such methods. We're going with an acid unless told otherwise.

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