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Item: Remains of Dr. Beauregard Coar

Designation: Medical Waste

Storage Contact: Darla Thorn

Number in Storage: 1


Roughly estimated to be four (4) cubic ounces of fine gray powder, kept in a vacuum-sealed container. The container is not to be opened under ANY circumstances, and stored within the proximity of a salt circle.

The powder is what is left of Dr. Coar's earthly remains, following his untimely death during R&D Project ReAni-Mate and the subsequent cremation and re-cremation of said remains. Powder remains highly toxic and extremely aggressive.

Reason for storage: Choking hazard.

Final Order: Destruction

Further Notes: We really, really need to find a good way to destroy the last of it; everything else has just broken old Beau down smaller and smaller, and it hasn't done anything to cool his temper. Not sure if the salt circle actually does any good, but hey, who am I to judge Ritual's orders?

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