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Who We Are

Welcome to, the official online presence of the Faceless Corporation. Faceless is a multinational global conglomerate which is home to many popular brands such as Burger Load, Patooey! Toys, Happy Hollows Daycare Centers, ReJex Spa Products and Zlymex Amalgamated Toxins. Come meet our wonderful and amazing Employees! Read more about this site here, or leave a suggestion for our staff!

A few of our favorite brands!

Our Humble Beginnings

The Faceless Corporation holds a strong commitment to our roots. In 1921, Fine Face Eye Cream and Ageless Hand Cleanser came together to form what would become one of the largest corporate entities in history. Combining their respective icons and names, they birthed the Faceless Corporation! The values held so dearly back then still act as our guiding beacon today!

The Products You Love

The Faceless Corporation is already in your home. Whether you use The Green Stuff to get rid of laugh lines or Mad Mold to keep the kids entertained, you've already let the Faceless Corporation into your life. You just didn't know it, yet! Faceless is on the bleeding edge of all technological advances in the fields of health, beauty, entertainment, robotics, and so much more. We've been behind you for decades, and now we're ready to pull you into the future!

A Positive Influence

Over past decades, The Faceless Corporation has grown to new heights, with interests in every nation on Earth! From South Dakota to North Korea, we're touching lives every day. Giving back to the community is a top priority for us, and that's why we've created the Give A Kid A Fish program for inner-city youth and the Feet for the Footless Fun Run benefiting double amputees. To the Faceless Corporation, charity is serious business!

Our Brands

The Faceless Corporation is a loving home to many indescribably happy subsidiaries that have been acquired over the course of decades. This includes Munch House Snack Foods, OneView News Services, GenFlux Games, and Signal Television and Motion Pictures. We beat the competition, hands down!

View the full list of our brands!

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